Friday, June 1, 2007

Pechanga Cheats It's People: WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

This is a very interesting topic that was found on Paulina Hunter's blog

It's a moral question. Particularly interesting are the comments.

Pechanga Cheats its Members: WHAT WOULD YOU DO?
Pechanga (meaning the tribal council and disenrollment committee) has CHEATED its members, by disenrolling them from the tribe. They have wronged over 500 people, when you include spouses and children who cannot claim membership.
Since 1995, almost 12 years, they have been paying per capita to each member of Pechanga. Here is the breakdown as they give for loan authorizations for the first years:
1995: $1,075 1996: $3,360 1997: $20,204 1998: $39,853

Now, bear in mind that by 1998, this is MORE money than many of the tribe has made in a year, EVER. You'd think that people would be HAPPY to be making an extra $3,000 a month.
1999: $44,071 2000: $47,744 2001: 63,800 2002: $91,000

Well now, in 8 short years, tribal members are making $7,500 per month, got health care approved and guess what? CPP started getting JEALOUS of what San Manuel was making (significantly more, due to smaller membership) so they started looking at how they could get more money.

Was setting a positive example of tribal unity and good public relations to build business and relationships the way?
Was getting rid of some members so you could control power and get their per capita the way to go?

Which would you choose? WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

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