Wednesday, November 11, 2015

BIA Secretary Washburn SUED: Pala Recognition FAILURES of TRUST RESPONSIBILITY

Many wonder HOW  some tribes get recognition, or get their recognition changed without have to go through the process that dozens of other tribes have to go through.  We've asked the question ourselves, with Pechanga suddenly getting their recognition changed from the original Temecula Band of Mission Indians.

NOW, AS-IA Kevin Washburn is being sued for the BIA's FAILURE of it's trust responsibility to the Agua Caliente Cupeno who are part of the PBMI.

56. In that 1979 list, the BIA listed only the “Pala Band of Luiseno Mission Indians, Pala Reservation, California” (emphasis added.)
57. As set forth above, the Agua Caliente Cupeño are a distinct tribe from the Pala Luiseno.
58. The BIA’s failure to include the Agua Caliente Cupeño on the list in 1979 was administrative error.


By approving the PBMI Constitution without any of the BIA’s recommended changes, and without any evidence that the BIA’s recommended changes were even presented to the PBMI General Council for a vote, the BIA abdicated and failed in its trust responsibility to the Indians of the PBMI—including the Agua Caliente Cupeño

See the complaint:

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