Saturday, July 28, 2012

Unconscionable Leader of Pechanga, Who Used Skullduggery on His OWN PEOPLE, Accuse Liberty Quarry Resubmission of Skullduggery.

Tribal Chairman Mark Macarro today issued the following statement in reaction to news of the resubmission of the Liberty Quarry, a massive mine that would annihilate the one and only LuiseƱo Ancestral Origin Area.

"This crass attempt to jam through the Liberty Quarry mine is unconscionable and nothing short of skullduggery. The citizens of Riverside County deserve better from their supervisors. We hope the Board will deny fast-tracking this deeply flawed project."
"Our Tribe remains committed to preventing annihilation of our one and only Creation Area"
Uh, sure Mark.  We believe you.
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