Friday, September 25, 2009

ICT: Tribes like Pechanga, Picayune and Redding Terminating Indians Threaten Future of ALL American Indian Nations

ICT has an editorial on how tribes like Pechanga, Picayune and Redding could cause issues for all Native American Nations. This is PRECISELY why nations should use their influence to get tribes that have exterminated Indians do the right thing. It has been well documented that Pechanga violated their OWN CONSTITUTION to destroy families and their children, even violently removing them from the tribal school.

Several serious issues concerning tribal citizenship threaten the future of American Indian nations. Few non-Indians understand the complex definition of citizenship for American Indians as U.S. citizens or the citizenship powers tribes have over their own members.

American Indians have an undefined dual citizenship in the United States and within their tribes. Since the 1970s, Indian tribes regained the power to make and enforce their own definitions of citizenship. For many decades, most Indian governments did not struggle with tribal citizenship issues. Many tribes simply adopted blood quantum requirements from BIA procedures.

Indian tribal citizenship more recently has garnered a considerable amount of negative attention among the American public. OP: AND MUCH MORE TO COME! One reason for this has been the issue of tribal disenrollment. Over the years, several gaming tribes have received plenty of bad publicity for excluding tribal members. The affected families have waged constant public campaigns to turn public opinion against the tribes. OP: And it's been effective, and more people are taking notice thanks to blogs such as this one and also social networking sites. The American public perceives tribal governments are disenrolling members to monopolize gaming revenues for themselves. OP: In Pechanga's case, perception IS reality. They DID EXACTLY that! This sort of interpretation fits very well with American worldviews, where material motivations are assumed. The bad publicity from the tribal citizen exclusions fosters support for anti-Indian legislation.

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