Thursday, May 21, 2009

USC's Annenberg School of Journalism to Look Into Tribal Disenrollments

We received this communique from Brian Frank of the USC/Annenberg School of Journalism:

I want to talk to as many people as possible. For the main story, I will focus on just a few tribes, but I’m planning to create a forum of some sort so that people can tell their own stories and they will all become part of a larger package.

This could be text, video, audio, just about anything. I’d like to encourage people to do this as it will contribute to a larger document of why people are being disenrolled and what’s happening to them afterward.

Please contact Brian Frank at: YOU can help spread the word on your tribe's disenrollment actions.

We've had stories about Pechanga disenrollments: HERE and HERE and we've discussed Redding Rancheria HERE San Pasqual HERE and Picayune Rancheria HERE and HERE

Now's your chance to BE HEARD. Contact Brian.
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