Thursday, May 5, 2022

Chairman Rosemary LaClair, Nooksack Leader Sends ARMED POLICE to Serve Elders Eviction. Is this the 21st Century "Indian Way"?

We can't tell if this officer is wearing jack-boots, or just acting like it

Will they DRAG the elders from their homes?  When does self-defense come in?

For the second night in a row, Nooksack police returned to Elders' homes last night to serve them with 14-day notices to vacate. 

In February, the United Nations wrote “it was not necessary to have an armed police officer serve the families at home.”

Nooksack 306 attorney Gabriel Galanda writes on his Facebook page

Armed police visits are certainly unnecessary; certified mail would suffice. But this isn't about process or protocol. It's about intimidation and dehumanization, under guise of "tribal self-determination."


Anonymous said...

What is the Native way?
It certainly isnt following tradition or your culture, it isn’t honoring your Elders or your ancestors, it most definitely isnt following your Grand Fathers teachings!!
It is using the United States Policies, Acts and other rules only applied to Native Americans to DIS MEMBER, DIS ENROLL,
DIS RESPECT and DIS HONOR members of their own nation. Tribal chairman, tribal council and tribal members use self
Determination as a justification to disenroll, a law created by the US!!
The United States has set the stage for extinction and Native Americans are following along, head in the sand, sheep sent to slaughter, dismembered, piece by piece, turning against one another instead of turning to each other!

Tradition and culture are lost to a people that choose Greed over its teachings!!

Glorifying Native American culture at the MET Gala or at Pow Wow’s is smoke and mirrors and under scores how detached we are from the real and devastating events that are occurring in Tribal communities across the United States and Canada!

Thunderbird said...

President Biden you say all you want is fairness and decency. President Biden when you took office you pledge to represent all people. Yet here we are with our most vulnerable people the sick and elderly getting evicted from their homes. I can’t even imagine how that feels. I demand you act on this terrible atrocity now President Joe Biden before it’s too late!

Damn Near Russia said...

T-Bird you must have fell and bumped your head. You think Biden cares about us Redskin squawked wahoos. Biden speaks with fork tongue. I think the white man says hollow words. He won’t do a Damn thing about it. He doesn’t have the stones first of all second of all he spends too much time trying to figure out why the MAGA movement is alive and well!!!

Anonymous said...

Stand your ground and shoot the trespassers on your property.
You have rights, use them.