Tuesday, November 26, 2019

BIA LOSES SKIRMISH to Media Representative EMILIO REYES on FOIA/Tribal Disenrollment

Emilio Reyes, who has been working tirelessly for years on forcing the Bureau of Indian Affairs to be transparent on their complicity in tribal disenrollment, has won his latest skirmish.   You can read about his battles here and their attempts at the okie doke here

He reports:

FOIA Settlement Conference Update:

BIA must provide me 2,100 pages related to tribal disenrollment and waive a $300 fee because CA BIA has finally acknowledged me as a Representative of the News and Media.  Cccording to other BIA Agencies I have been categorized as a Rep. of the News and Media. CA BIA was the only Dept. Of Interior Agency challenging my requester category.  

Catching them in their subterfuge leads them to try any tactic to get out of providing the truth about the THOUSANDS of Indians they helped corrupt tribal leaders like Mark Macarro remove from tribes.

WELL DONE, my friend, well done. Amy Dutschke won't be happy.  And readers, remember this:
YOU WON'T WIN A FIGHT,if you aren't in the game

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