Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Liberal Matt Lauer Uses Insulting Term on TODAY Show

Yes Matt, Indian Giver is a term that IS offensive.  Remember we wrote about KFI host Bill Handel commenting about ONE DRUNK INDIAN?
At lease we got an apology from the stations news director.

What is it about morning talk shows that people think they can let their guard down? And, why do they think American Indians are fair game?

The Native News Network has the story of the casual use of a hurtful term.

Matt Lauer During Olympic Coverage

Last November, Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian's mother, told ABC's "Good Morning America" she feels Kris Humphries has no right to ask for the $2 million 20.5 carat diamond ring back that he gave her daughter as an engagement ring. The marriage fell apart after only 72 days and she wanted the ring to stay in the family.

"I hate an Indian giver," she said told Good Morning America.  OP:  Well at least we know Kris Jenner is ill-mannered.   Remember she didn't even think of Kris's parents when she was ordering limos for the family?

Then yesterday morning, NBC's "TODAY" host Matt Lauer during coverage of the 2012 London Olympics told his ex co-anchor Meredith Vieira "don't be an Indian giver."

This ill-advised term came after Vieira passed a pair of designer underwear to Lauer.

"We're used to this. For five years, Meredith came to the show every morning carrying her underpants."
then Vieira asked Lauer for the underpants back.

"No, no, no, they're mine - don't be an Indian giver!" shot Lauer.

How old are these folks?

Who wants to hear about underwear on the TODAY show anyway? Save a Fruit of the Looms, Victoria's Secret, or Hanes factory or outlet store, talking about underpants would get most people in trouble in most places of employment across the United States.

It used to be morning network talk shows were informative and news worthy programs. Now, they are more like goofy chatter programs that can actually be quite annoying so early in the morning.

Beyond the inappropriate underpants talk, Lauer needs to be called out on the "Indian giver" term. He used it way too flippantly, as if it is part of what is acceptable.

American Indians find the term "Indian giver" highly offensive and insensitive. Given all that has been lost by our tribal nations through bloody wars; genocide perpetrated against our ancestors; Native children removal from homes to be put into boarding schools, it is intolerable that a highly paid, highly recognized figure such as Lauer would be so callous and disrespectful.

THINK before you speak.  Read more at the link above.


Luiseno said...

The term "Indian giver" used to offend me immensely when I was a young child and growing up. Whenever I heard the term, I would try and correct my childhood friends informing that the term really referred to the White Man giving to the Indian people and then taking it back (i.e. reservation lands, etc), and not to Indian's who would never take back anything given out of the goodness of there heart.

Well it seems that I stand corrected with the mass disenrollments going on across Indian land's.

Anonymous said...

Don't be so sensative it's not that serious. I'm native and I don't take such minor things offensive he didn't say it in a harmful way but a playful way. Just like the Washington redskins having to change their name "really. It seems to me people are looking for things to pick at or get attention from a high profile person using these statements that are not that bad. Focus on the atrocities and dictators across native country it's far more important. Can't wait til Robert Smith & Mark Maccaro go down..the days coming. All criminals get caught eventually.

Anonymous said...

Have already complained to CNN for using the phrase "isn't he just off the reservation" but they continue to use it all the time anyway.

Anonymous said...

But I bet you think nothing of saying...
"I jewed him down"?...

Anonymous said...

Never would use a term like that.

Luiseno said...

You all missed the point, I said "it used to offend me", it no longer does, in fact it seems to be a appropriate term to use these days.

'aamokat said...

It is not so much the remark "Indian giver" as much as how people can not even think that they may be offending Native Americans.

As if Lauer isn't even concerned that someone might not like what he said.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for some people to get "off the reservation" cuz they are "Indian givers".