Sunday, August 28, 2011

After Decimating the Descendents of their Former Slaves, Cherokee Nation "Prepares for the Worst"

NOW, the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma is worried about possible repurcussions of their recent suspiciously timed ruling to terminate the membership of 2800 possible NO votes to Chad Smith.   The Talequah Daily Press has details:

The recent Cherokee Nation Supreme Court ruling that stripped citizenship status from about 2,800 Freedmen descendants has tribal officials “preparing for the worst.”
During her scheduled report at the tribe’s Rules Committee meeting Thursday, Attorney General Diane Hammons said two federal cases involving the Freedmen are in play in Washington, D.C., although no new litigation has been filed.

“We have some educated guesses about what will happen next,” said Hammons. “We have heard something will be filed in Washington, D.C., next week, but we don’t know specifically what it will be. The most positive thing I can report is that we’re trying to prepare for the worst.”

Hammons addressed questions from councilors on whether the Freedmen may ask for a stay on the upcoming special election for principal chief, and if the tribe risks losing its federal housing funding, as has been the case in the past.

“Let me say that, as of lunchtime, the Freedmen have not filed a stay on the election,” she said. “They’ve tried it before. I hope it’s not the case this time, but it is a possibility.”   OP:  In other words, they don't want the Freedmen to continue to fight for their rights.  They are hoping that they take their screwing by the Cherokee Tribe and go away.   Really?  Do they think that's IT?

More:   Councilor Tina Glory-Jordan said she’s concerned that in the past, when the court disenfranchised Freedmen, the federal government triggered an automatic stoppage of housing funds

“Could you please keep us apprised?” asked Jordan of Hammons. “That’s $30 million in funding and about 500 Cherokee jobs. If we don’t get our money, that will have an immediate effect.”    OP:  Please, don't let us lose any funding after outrageously gettng rid of THOUSANDS of Freedmen.... THOUSANDS of Men, Women an CHILDREN...

Read more about the Cherokee preparations HERE

We wrote about the Congressional Black Caucus and their promise to withhold Cherokee Housing funds HERE 

excerpt:  Since the flare-up over the Freedmen last year, the Cherokees have increasing come under pressure from CBC members. Rep. Diane Watson (D-Calif.) introduced a bill that would prohibit the distribution of federal funds to the tribe until it reverses its decision on the Freedmen. Watt has been tapped to lead a taskforce on the issue for the caucus.

In turn, the Cherokees have bulked up their lobbying presence here in Washington. The tribe has hired the Podesta Group (aren't they Hillary supporters?)and McBee Strategic Consulting to help sooth relations on Capitol Hill.

Congress has remained attentive to the issue, however. Before the Easter recess, Watson, Watt, Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.), and Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) met with Carl Artman of the Bureau of Indian Affairs to discuss the Cherokees.

OP:  Alas, with her retirement, Dianne Watson has had nobody step up to champion the Freedmen's just cause.   WHO will step up now?

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NO FEDERAL MONEY for treaty breakers like the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma.