Saturday, May 7, 2011

Robinson Rancheria Nixes Benefits from Gaming Fund to Lake County Sheriff Dept.

Elizabeth Larson, of the Lake County News one of the few writer's in the state that has focused on tribal disenrollments, has a story up on the possible "payback" to Lake County Sheriff Frank Rivero.  Rivero refused to grant access to Robinson Rancheria for the Sheriff's Records..

On Thursday, the Lake County Indian Gaming Local Community Benefit Committee held a meeting to discuss which local agencies' requests would receive portions of about $874,000 from the Indian Gaming Special Distribution Fund, to which Big Valley and Robinson Rancheria contribute. Middletown Rancheria does not pay into the fund.

Sheriff Frank Rivero – in his first funding request since taking office earlier this year – had submitted requests totaling about $450,000, according to committee documents Lake County News obtained from county officials.

However, the committee's vote resulted in Rivero receiving no funds.

On Friday Rivero said that he believes the vote against his request by Buffy Jimenez, Robinson's member on the commission, was in response to his refusal to grant Robinson Rancheria's tribal police access to certain sheriff's records and radio systems, as well as to his reported statement to the Robinson Rancheria tribal council that, “The sheriff’s office is not for sale.”

The tribe's attorney, Lester Marston, has not responded to requests from Lake County News for a comment on relations between the tribe and Rivero, and Robinson Rancheria Tribal Police Chief Dave Mendoza recently refused to accept a call from this reporter regarding interactions with the sheriff's office.

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