Friday, October 19, 2007

Chairman Macarro leads Incredible Shrinking Tribe

How long before Mark will be the boss of nothing?

Pechanga Tribal Chairman Mark Macarro

Anyone remember this guy from the 1990 prop. 1-A commercials? No one thought after approving tribal gaming, that Marc Macarro would kick out members of his own tribe as a result of the lucritive tribal gaming deals with the state that have turned tribal member against tribal members in over a dozen tribes accross the state.

Who thought we'd all end up here with the majority of California Indians seeing literally no effect of tribal gaming revenue 16 years after the establishment of the legislation, and no-one thought the California Indians would still be waiting for the re-distrubutions to non-gaming tribes that simply have not occoured, and as an issue, the accounting of which has not surfaced since Governor Shwarzenegger was campaigning after ousting Grey Davis and promised an accounting of the inter-tribal re-distribution fund within 90 days of his being elected. The intertribal re-distibution funds has been sitting is Sacramento waiting to be distributed to non-gaming tribes since 1991. Now it is surfacing in the news that these funds have been tallied and are being re-distibuted to counties for non-indian public services and infrastructure.

I'd "gander" that legilslators in Sacaramento NEVER had the intention that this money would EVER make it to any California Indian Families.

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