Tuesday, August 14, 2012

To All Tribal Nations: STAND UP Against Corrupt Tribes That are Destroying Native Americans From Within

Do Tribes that Practice Apartheid and Disenrollment Taint Other Tribes with The Civil Rights Abusing Brush?

We at Original Pechanga’s Blog (http://originalpechanga.com)  have been highlighting the despicable actions of tribes, primarily in California, that have harmed their own people, using sovereignty as club to beat the weak and helpless.  

  • Apartheid and Segregation (Pechanga)
  • Elder Abuse/Disrespecting our Ancestors (Enterprise, Pechanga, Pala, San Pasqual)
  • Loss of Voting Rights (Chukchansi, Pechanga, Pala) Theft of Per Capita (Pala, Pechanga, Redding)
  • Destruction of Heritage
  • Disenrollment of large voting blocs against factual evidence that ties families to tribes (Redding)
  • Banishment for exercising free speech
  • Tribal Constitutional Violations by corrupt tribal Councils (Pechanga)


Sitting on the sidelines, with your heads in the sand while tribes abuse their own people gives tacit approval of their actions.    Why is it that only SOME tribes disenroll en masse?   Greed for power and money, of course.    But what makes other sovereign nations not stand up against the outrages perpetrated by tribes?  Is it because they are native?    Or is YOUR tribe afraid to make a stand?

Robert Smith said on a KCBS report that he didn’t have to show proof because Pala was a sovereign nation.   That’s an example of McCarthyite tactics.

Sheryl Lightfoot wrote in her column “Reconciling Moral Outrage with Self Determination”:

In order to be sovereign nations, we must act like sovereign nations. But that does not mean that in order to support self-determination in principle, we need to agree with every decision of other sovereign nations.

She offered some guidance on exercising your outrage: 

Another tactic which can be employed by other indigenous nations or the private citizens of other nations is the art of moral persuasion, or, ”moral suasion,” as it has also been termed.  This involves a campaign of exposure and embarrassment.    This tactic has most often been employed in international human rights campaigns, with the purpose being to expose the immoral government action in the media and open up international discussion in order to embarrass the target government into changing its policy to better conform to international norms. This was done in the early days of the campaign against apartheid in South Africa

We have options available to us that allow us to register our moral protest at another state’s actions which will, at the same time, help us act more like the self-determining sovereign nations that we are

YOUR Tribe can stand up for those THOUSANDS of Native Americans that have been harmed by their tribe.   Come out against the policy of extermination used by Pechanga, Pala, Chukchansi.  

Turn your back on them at the next conferences, come out publicly in the press.
Don’t get tainted with the stink of corruption.
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