Thursday, August 16, 2012

Holly Cook Macarro, Wife of Mark Macarro, Tribal Chair Who Violated Civil and Human Rights of His Tribe, Opines on VP Candidate Paul Ryan

Hi powered Washington DC lobbyist, Holly Cook Macarro, spouse of Pechanga Tribal Chairman Mark Macarro opines on VP Candidate Paul Ryan in a piece in Indian Country Today:

In all, Ryan’s vision could be a dangerous one for Indian country, said Holly Cook Macarro, former Democratic Party operative and a partner with IETAN CONSULTING, a tribal lobbying firm.

“The Ryan budget doesn’t distinguish funding for tribal programs from the entitlement programs he is aiming for—this approach ignores the federal trust responsibility and directly threatens the neediest in Indian country,” she said.  “It has the potential to bore a gaping hole in the Indian budget.”

We'd have more federal tax dollars coming in if her husband hadn't set up two families for disenrollment from Pechanga and stealing over $350 million in per capita and benefits.  A reminder to all that President Obama has stolen over 700 BILLION DOLLARS from Medicare.

Recall that Mark Macarro was brought up for a recall when the tribe found out his wife's firm got Pechanga's lobbying business to the tune of $250K or more.    Holly used to represent Holland & Knight.  The tribe wasn't told, according to CPP (Concerned Pechanga People) that chairman Macarro would benefit by giving business to his wife's new company.

Another reminder:  Andrew Masiel Sr. is ALSO a Demcratic Party Operative, the head of the Native American Caucus of the Democratic Party.    He bused in kids from Pechanga to vote AGAINST civil rights for native Americans.    Is that the way of the Democratic Party???

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