Friday, May 20, 2011

Pechanga Corruption: Pechanga Attorney No Longer Has Carte Blanche on Tribal Credit Cards?

Sources from the Pechanga Reservation have said that because he used tribal credit cards to take his family on an expensive Pebble Beach vacation, they were taken away.    It seems the shorter brother, and tribal attorney was reprimanded for unauthorized use.    Let's see, if you did that with your company, what would be the consequences?

And, since they weren't authorized expenses, shouldn't they have to be reported as income and therefore taxed?  We know he doesn't live on the rez and he sold his home for HALF the purchase price.   Is this something the Board of Equalization should be investigating?     If he'll cheat the tribe on his expense report on something THAT big... how much other misappropriation might there be?
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