Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oranna Felter: Mixed Blood Uintas Continue Fight to Repeal Public Law 671

Our friend Oranna Felter has a letter to editor up that points out that the fight of the Mixed Blood Uinta's is NOT over.  They are taking their fight to Congress.  Let's not let the government succeed in wiping out another Indian Tribe.

Dear Editor,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who sent, faxed emailed and personally dropped off petitions to have Public Law 671 of the 83rd Congress repealed. We now have hundreds of petitions that will be used to have the law repealed.

A notice of the petitions was posted in the local paper, a meeting was called for the purpose of approving the petitions and getting them ready for the repeal. At the meeting the members voted to accept the petitions and head to Congress. Many petitions were signed there.

On April 30, Attorney Dennis Chappabitty and myself sent out letters to all who had previously submitted petitions along with recently received petitions. We were amazed at the amount of petitions that we now have on file and thank you for having faith and confidence in us and we look forward to working with you in getting this repeal done as quickly as possible.

We decided to start working on a repeal while the Felter case was still in the federal courts, just in case we didn't get a favorable decision, because we felt after eight years of waiting and expenses, and our people passing away we could wait no longer. We wanted to be ready to take the final step to Congress. When the decision came down against us, we were ready to move forward. We felt the court system is a waste of time and money.

There were times that I felt I wanted to just give up after spending a lifetime trying to get some kind of justice for me, my family and all the individual terminated mixed-bloods and our descendents who supported us, especially after the case was dismissed. But Dennis Chappabitty, our attorney, refused and still refuses to give up until our identities as American Indians and the identities of our descendants is restored.

For all of you who have your petitions in, we will be going on with our “Journey to Justice” to walk the halls of Congress and we are proud that you have chosen to walk with us. We have prayed that all of our case members would stick together and most of you have, plus others. To any of you who hasn't got your petitions in, time is of the essence.

We will keep all of you who submitted your petitions informed as we work diligently to have this genocidal law repealed as quickly as possible. Every day is a work day for us.

May Grandfather walk this path with us and our spiritual men shower us with blessings to keep the path open and have the halls of Congress hold out their arms in welcome us as we present our petitions and bill.
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