Thursday, March 29, 2007

Pechanga Leader Hates UNION; Says they are corrupt

Pechanga is Anti-Union, Calls them Corrupt. "The corrupt HERE union has cost Californians billions in new revenue, and millions for the Temecula Valley," Pechanga Tribal Chairman Mark Macarro said in a statement released Friday afternoon. "We are deeply disappointed by these political games." This comes from the Tribal spokesman who has lead the Tribal Enrollment Committee to purge the rolls of my descendants as well as the family of Pablo Apis, who was a leader of the Pechanga people in 1850's California. He now claims that Pablo Apis was not of Pechanga, yet the people of that time recognized him as one. Macarro sits next to one who has no Pechanga blood, yet his family is receiving the rights due to real Pechanga People. And those imposters are voting to keep real blood out of the tribe. Read about at at UNION MEMBERS SHOULD NOT PATRONIZE PECHANGA Paulina Hunter's blog has more: Paulina Hunter's blog

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