Wednesday, January 15, 2014

INTERLUDE: MUST SEE Derrick Coleman Commercial: Perseverance Will Overcome

As we head to the SUPER BOWL, this is a MUST SEE commercial that shows Perseverance against obstacles can help overcome them. We need that message now, as we head to the 10th Anniversary of Pechanga Disenrollment


Anonymous said...

Great Commercial, endeavor to perseverance!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Pala chairman Robert Smith now denying TANF a federally funded program to disenrollee's by signing (and lying) on federal TANF documents that they are not descendants or native of Pala. "If someone's biological parent is an enrolled member of Pala how can their child, even though disenrolled not be a descendant"?? Answer me this please! He really does whatever he wants he is a DICTATOR..when will someone stop this man??