Friday, April 25, 2008

U.S. Government Holocaust Against Terminated Utah Uinta Utes Indians Continues

Getting Rid of Indians is OUR job, says Pechanga, Redding, Enterprise and especially PICAYUNE (Chukchansi). BIA stands by while it happens.

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Mike Graham
April 24, 2008

Today the federal government is still continuing its holocaust against Utah's terminated Uinta Ute's Indian men, women and children. Our federal government terminated Uinta Ute's Indian tribal citizens of less than one half Native American blood quantum. This racist federal government law of termination against Indians and tribal nations has to stop now, and reinstate their full citizenship and tribal rights to include all damages incurred over the years from the federal governments' inhuman actions against the terminated Uinta Ute's Indians!

OP: The above mentioned tribes have TERMINATED INDIANS in the past THREE YEARS. More than were killed in the Great Temecula Massacre two centuries ago.

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