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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

CA Assmbly Diane Watson Under Fire II


Diane Watson has taken all disenrollment issues under advisement. The Cherokee Issue stands out to Diane because of the obvious bias against the Freedmen. At a recent meeting of the DemNative Caucus, the Cherokee were saying that it would in effect, cause the disenrollment of the entire Cherokee Nation. Of course, the Cherokee were there to support Pechanga's disenrollment actions. See how hateful things get when we can't all get along?

United Native America has filed a congressional ethics complaint against California congresswoman Diane Watson before the U.S. House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct.
The group is also drafting a letter of ethics violations against Watson to be sent to the California Democrat Party and National Democrat Party leadership.
Congresswoman Watson (link fixed) has overstated and overstepped her elected authority and moral obligation with house bill 2824. She has misrepresented the Oklahoma Cherokee Nation and it's citizens to include verbal and written public statements that dehumanize citizens of the Cherokee Nation. Our Indian sons and daughters today are fighting terrorism world wide to save our nation. Native Americans are united in calling for Congresswoman Watson's resignation.
From the time Congresswoman Watson introduced house bill 2824 in June of this year calling for the termination of federal recognition of the Oklahoma Cherokee Nation over it's citizenship requirement vote held in March, 2007 she has embarked on a polical extremist nationwide crusade against the citizens of the Cherokee Nation by distorting their true history.
In an October press report titled "Jim Crow in Indian Country", Watson further shows her willingness to distort the Cherokee Nations history. Watson's public statements are in clear violation of congressional ethics standerds and elected responsibility to represent all of her constituents equaly.

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