Thursday, March 9, 2017

Tribal Disenrollment Discussion on Friday 3/10

I'm excited to be invited to spend an hour or so with Michael Kickingbear and David Greyowl, hosts of NATIVE OPINION radio show March 10th at 9:30 EST.   Hope you will both listen and join in.

Imagine for a moment the home that you grew up in. The neighborhood and the town that you spent your childhood. How familiar it feels to you. The friends you made, maybe other family members that you spent time with regularly. That safe and secure feeling of familiarity.
Now imagine one day that you are told that you may no longer live in your home and that in fact, you no longer have a right to stay in it, or the right to even live in your neighborhood. Imagine how you would feel if you suddenly were faced with having to move away from that home, those surroundings...all because someone (else) said you are no longer welcome.  That you are no longer allowed to even stay in your neighborhood. How would you feel
We will be discussing of course, my family's disenrollment, but also how a moratorium on membership affected more than just one family.

I'd like to get into the issues of the BIA and how they are complicit, involved and sometimes TO BLAME for what's going on, especially in CA.

PLEASE, visit their webpage,  share the news with your family and let's get INVOLVED.

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