Friday, February 10, 2017

9th Circuit on Trump BAN: Due Process for Potential Terrorists, Native Americans...NOT SO MUCH

Interesting quote from the 9th circuit on Trumps travel ban flap:

 The court said the states were likely to succeed in their due process claim, noting that the due process protections provided under the Constitution apply not only to citizens, but to all “aliens” in the country, as well as “certain aliens attempting to re-enter the United States after traveling abroad.”

The 9th Circuit has RULED many times that American Indians have no such due process rights in the United States.   So immigrants get rights that are denied to American Indian citizens of the United States.

There are many tribes that simply disenroll their people without due process and the 9th Circuit refuses to recognize their claims.  

DO TRIBAL RIGHTS TRUMP Due Process?  Or does the media only care about immigrants and not Natives?

Contributor Paul Johnson wrote about the lack of Civil Rights protections here and there is a story about a judge who said due process isn't required here  

The STUDENTS of WASHINGTON STATE and some foreign nationals were INCONVENIENCED for 90 days with Trumps Travel Ban...but THOUSANDS of Native American's due process rights didn't matter to the 9th Circuit when corrupt tribal governments are stripping citizenship from Tribal Citizens.  And the Federal Government via the BIA, removes our Federal recognition as Indians from our first ancestor to our future descendants.....without due process.

Remember when the 9th Circuit RULED against Indian children being protected by the ICWA?  Maybe if they claimed they were Muslim?  Or worked for Microsoft...
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