Saturday, September 3, 2016


Pechanga Tribal leader Mark Macarro is getting his proposals of internet poker REBUKED by the CA Legislature.

The Pechanga Tribe, who once tried to circumvent gaming laws by putting up Class II slots in the casino in numbers ABOVE the limits then mandated by law, wants to keep POKER STARS out of CA gaming, as they took wagers after 2006.

LOOKS LIKE INTERNET GAMING IS DEAD this year after no agreement could be reached.

It's GOOD to know, that MACARRO feels so strongly about the LAW, even though he violated ICRA, tribal law, lied to congress, abused civil rights, lied to the tribe, and looks to strip water rights from allottees to the reservation, didn't report thefts of slot machines to the FBI or embezzlement by his own brother...but POKER STARS is the bad actor?

I guess Macarro's famous temper showed him at his worst in a meeting with Assemblyman Adam Gray.  Where Gray brought backup.

Those of us who were in the tribe, know Macarro's bad behavior well enough.  He is the REAL BAD ACTOR
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