Wednesday, July 13, 2016

UPDATE! NOOKSACK People to Hold Meeting to TAKE BACK THEIR TRIBE from Kelly Faction's Corruption

After months of Bob Kelly and some council members maintaining positions PAST their expiration date, it appears the NOOKSACK people are working to TAKE BACK THEIR TRIBE.   We've written about the corruption of the Bob Kelly, it looks like tribal citizens are at the end of their rope,  From a Facebook post.   THIS EFFORT has NOTHING TO DO With the Nooksack 306 issue.

Dear Nooksack People,
By now you have heard rumors that there is going to be an Emergency General Council Meeting on July 14th at the Deming Logging Show. The rumor is true. Please attend! The time is NOW! The plan is to discuss holding an election to fill the 4 seats for Vice Chairman, Treasurer, and the 2 councilman positions. 
We want to hear from you--the people. You are the VOICE! This ex-councils position was to listen to the voice of the people. The people are the ones who VOTED them in. The people are the ones with the POWER to vote them out. 

Please attend from 4-7 this Thursday and make your voices heard. Please come and tell the people of Nooksack whether we should hold an election or not! It's your decision. If you decide it's not a good decision, then come and share with the people why its not. If you believe it's time, lets do this. You are the General Council. This is how the ancestors designed this government way back when. Did you know there was even a Council of Elders? Please attend so that we can bring this group back. Our Elders deserve a voice. I was taught to honor and respect my elders and their words carry wisdom. This meeting is not about anything other than the election and the reinstatement of the Council of Elders. It is the RIGHT of the Nooksack People to have this election as spelled out in the Constitution--EVERY 4-years! No extension on terms. This ex-council has been changing the rules and violating this Constitution since day one. It's up to you the People to say, "Enough is Enough!"
I pray to see you there. It's the Nooksack People that can make change. I know many of you are scared about being fired and losing your jobs and homes, so that's why it's imperative to take action. It's NOT RIGHT to be living amongst this Martial Law environment run by dictators. Only the People can make change. You are the leaders. You are the VOICE!!! of NOOKSACK!

The Kelly Faction has told any employee who attends tonight's meeting that they will be fired tomorrow. Do NOT let this fear mongering prevent you from having your voice heard. Come on out to the Deming Log Show. Over 100 people are already here. The meeting is starting soon. 

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