Tuesday, September 22, 2015

UPDATE: Purported Attorney for Pala and NIECE of BIA's AMY Dutschke, sends Threatening Letter to Attorney for Agua Caliente Tribe of Cupeno Indians


I've got TWO letters here, one which is a response from Andrew Twietmeyer, attorney for the Agua Caliente Tribe of Cupeno Indians of the Pala Reservation.   The second is from Attorney Sara Dutschke  Setshwaelo, who claims to be the attorney for the Pala Tribe.

The second paragraph addresses that issue.  IS SHE....or ISN'T SHE?

My Client is unaware of any such approval or authorization and believes it to be unlikely.
Therefore, as a courtesy, and to facilitate open and direct communication, please immediately
send me documentary evidence of 1) the PBMI General Council’s and the Secretary of the Interior’s authorization and approval for you to represent the PBMI; and 2) when such authorization and approval was effected.    OUCH

 Another item seems to have Atty Setshwaelo CONFUSED.   She doesn't seem to know the difference in a proposal

 It is a proposal only. In other words, your contention that, my Client’s Proposal that the PBMI should agree to particular terms, somehow operates to misrepresent that the PBMI has agreed to such terms is, quite frankly, absurd. 

Most important, there is a QUESTION as to HOW Attorney SDS came into possession of certain documents.  COULD IT BE her AUNT, Amy Dutschke share documents with her?

Your letter also makes reference to a January 7, 2015 letter. See Tab “A” at p. 2. My
Client sent that letter to the attention of Regional Director Amy Dutschke and her subordinates at
the Pacific Regional Office only. How did you or your client obtain a copy of that letter? I am
given to understand that Regional Director Dutschke is a relation of yours. Is that true? Did she
transmit the letter to you or your client? Please advise immediately as to where you obtained that
letter. The fact that you have cited my Client’s private communications with the Bureau in your letter is very troubling to my Client. 

READ the Documents:

UPDATE:  Word from Pala that Sara Setshwaelo HAS NOT RESPONDED to the request for PROOF she is the PALA ATTORNEY.
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