Sunday, August 2, 2015

Disenrollment Stories and Webpages Building CRITICAL MASS: Like the Facebook Page on Disenrollment

Love the fact that after 10 years, that FINALLY the issue of tribal disenrollment is growing in awareness.   The large native sites, Indian Country Today and are printing more and more articles and commentary.  Even will print disenrollment stories as long as it's NOT about Pechanga.

Curiously humorous that our friend Emilio Reyes, whose Facebook page DISENROLLMENT has built a following of nearly 11,000 and someone gets the bright idea to build a FAKE FB complaint page to try to scare him off:

FAKE, like many tribal leaders of disenrolling tribes

Emilio, who gets a lot of flak in my comment section, created a terrific response:

If you are on FACEBOOK and care about what happens to Native Americans via Disenrollment, PLEASE LIKE HIS PAGE LINKED HERE

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