Friday, August 28, 2015

Disenrolled WON'T win Their Battle For Justice, Without ENTERING THE FIGHT

Those of YOU that have been sitting on the sidelines, waiting for others to do the heavy lifting, medium lifting and light lifting... YOU know who YOU are.

Whether YOU have been disenrolled, banished or placed in a moratorium, YOU have been abused by those corrupt leaders in power.   They get away with it, because MOST of YOU have refused to stay standing or even GET involved.    Just this week I sent out email addresses to BIA staff and Directors, so that each of recipients can be enlightened on what's going on.  Imagine my chagrin to note that ONLY ONE person of the 250 I sent out...followed up.

The day before I got a small crew to send out links to the addresses and this blog got 15 BIA computers to check in. some twice.  It can make a difference.  But it won't if you don't help.

It's really a WTF moment.  These fights are not just about going to court, or getting enough money for lawyers and waiting months for a decision.  It's about keeping the powers that be informed, keeping the pressure on and bringing in new people to the fight.

As I wrote in the post: My Rights Have been violated, WHY won't anyone HELP?  WHY should others help, when we don't help ourselves?   I asked another tribal group what they were doing, as I hadn't heard from their team in a while.  They stated that they were awaiting a tribal court decision.  Well waiting is the same as doing nothing.

We are all in similar straits.  We've all been violated, yet why is it that we aren't all fighting for our rights, the rights of our parents, or children or grandchildren?   Embarrassingly, I've had my own cousins, ask to be taken off a mailing list.  Which means they've accepted the fate determined by Mark Macarro and his smaller brother John, instead of being willing to do something as simple as forwarding on an email or sharing a blog post.  I know the story is the same with a lot of groups.  NOT winning quickly, makes it easy to give up.

Still, that is what Robert Smith of Pala, Macarro of Pechanga, Trasks of San Pasqual, to name a few, wait for.   They've got the deep pockets to wait, they spend the money on lobbyists (in Macarro's case, his own wife's company, therefore paying his family unit).   But, they can be BEATEN, even if it's only a small battle.   WE proved it ...TWICE... a trio of Pechanga disenrolled/moratorium bound went to Washington four years ago to lobby against a water bill Pechanga was looking for.  Three guys beat back a team of high priced DC lobbyist, council members and lawyers.  THEY WON, by using a personal touch, explaining the injustice and letting the TRUTH be told.

Last year, my cousin and I did the same thing as I wrote about here: Shooting on Capitol Hill

I have done television, radio, and many newspaper interviews, discussing a lot of tribes, not just my own, Pechanga.   New York Times, Fresno Bee, Sacramento Bee, Sierra Star News, and Indian Country Today have all used my information.

Some will say, "well, we are writing letters".  Really?  Why don't you share them?  I've offered repeatedly to publish your stories, feel free to send me information that can broaden the reach.

I hope to see and meet more of you at San Pasqual.  PLEASE rekindle you efforts.   WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.   Even if the minor victory is not letting the corrupt councils sleep easy.  We are forcing them to spend money they never thought they would.  The more money they spend, the less they get.    And believe me, that pisses them off.

So please..... GET OFF YOUR ASS and do something, to honor your ancestors, and protect your children's legacy.
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