Thursday, July 16, 2015

First Lady Michelle Obama Takes Ownership of US GOVERNMENT'S Actions Against Native Americans

Credit where credit is due.  When speaking to the White House Convening on Creating Opportunity for Native Youth conference First Lady Michelle Obama said this:
Michelle Obama

“Let me offer just a few examples from our past, starting with how, back in 1830, we passed a law removing Native Americans from their homes and forcibly re-locating them to barren lands out west. The Trail of Tears was part of this process. Then we began separating children from their families and sending them to boarding schools designed to strip them of all traces of their culture, language and history. And then our government started issuing what were known as ‘Civilization Regulations’ – regulations that outlawed Indian religions, ceremonies and practices – so we literally made their culture illegal.”

This is PROPER RESPECT to the governments actions against native Americans.  We and our are ownership words.  And that's a good start.  Left unsaid was what Tribal Leaders and groups are NOT ADDRESSING, the CURRENT abuses perpetrated on Native People by corrupt councils and chairmen.

Our friend Cathy Cory, a Chukchansi Indian who was stripped of citizenship by her own tribe had this to say:

Today, THOUSANDS of our Indian people are being stripped of our culture again--this time by our own corrupt tribal councils through tribal disenrollment and nonrecognition of legitimate descendants who abuse tribal sovereignty to destroy our people...WAKE UP White House and Congress! Only YOU have plenary power over these corrupt tribal governments who continue to push this new destruction--paper genocide--throughout Indian Country!

We'd love to have the first lady take the lead on THIS issue, restoration of the right of belonging that tribes like Pala, San Pasqual, Pechanga, Redding, Nooksack stripped from thousands of us.

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