Friday, July 17, 2015

50 Reasons WHY ILLEGAL Disenrollment Should NOT EXIST -

Our young activist friend Emilio Reyes, Gabrieleno, has put together a strong list against disenrollment.  Do you agree?   Do you have more?  

1.       It’s a cultural genocide
2.       It kills my Indian
3.       It’s a violation of all rights
4.       Banishes my traditions
5.       Violation of my religion
6.       Don’t have an explanation for my future generations
7.       It’s identity theft
8.       Illegal removal
9.       Allotment removal
10.   It’s another Indian war
11.   The creator will be upset
12.   I Cannot vote
13.   Abusive power of sovereignty
14.   I lose my healthcare
15.   I get kicked out of the REZ
16.   It’s colonial ways
17.   It’s Epidemic
18.   Forced assimilation
19.   It’s immoral and unethical
20.   It’s Colonial terrorism
21.   Divides family
22.   Forced Termination
23.   Historically disenrollment never existed
24.   Elimination by force
25.   If I was a member before I should be a member for life
26.   I have nowhere to turn to
27.   Indian gaming is diving our people
28.   My dead ancestors get removed from the rolls
29.   Bloodless genocide
30.   It’s the modern smallpox
31.   Deleted history
32.   No due process
33.   My citizenship gets revoked
34.   It’s tribal corruption
35.   The BIA has no “jurisdiction” 
36.   I also bleed red
37.   It kills my spirituality
38.   Creator made us Native
39.   Forced relocation
40.   Forced acculturation
41.   Our dead ancestors get removed and re-buried off reservation
42.   Our elders are dying b4 getting justice
43.   Per capita should be a blessing
44.   It’s a paper genocide
45.   I lose my job
46.   I lose my education
47.   It’s a punishment
48.   Leaves me culturally homeless
49.   Makes us disappear
50.   Because family is first

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