Saturday, July 5, 2014

Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro Challenged by Felon in Upcoming Election. Is He LOSING his Luster?

Word coming from the Pechanga Reservation that Chairman Mark Macarro is being challenged by Raymond Basquez Sr. an elder from the Masiel-Basquez Crime family.

It's curious that the elder Basquez, chooses this time to raise his challenge to Macarro's leadership. Does he believe that Macarro is weak and may not feel he has to campaign for his position?

Macarro, who is well known in Indian Country for presiding over the disenrollment and genocide of 25% of his tribe, was the subject of a recall attempt by a group known as the CPP (Concerned Pechanga People).   This group allied themselves previously with the diminutive chairman in eliminated two large voting blocs from the  Manuela Miranda and Paulina Hunter descendents.
Miranda was a descendent of Pablo Apis, on whose land grant the Pechanga Resort & Casino is on, and Paulina Hunter is an Original Pechanga Person, who received an allotment on the reservation as a tribal person.

Basquez, running for chairman is a convicted felon and word also says that his son, Raymond Jr. ALSO a convicted felon is running for council.   We wrote about Basquez Jr. in 2008:  

Raymond Basquez Jr. son of Raymond Basquez Sr., one of those involved in eliminating 25% of the tribe, who can be seen in Pechanga's commercials, long hair, saying he just "wanted to give back" threatened us yesterday. He drove his shiny Escalade west on Pechanga Parkway, yelling at us, "Get a JOB!" and flipping us off. He sped west and made a quick left to make a u-turn. Aggressive driving in his huge vehicle, we knew he was coming back. A little disconcerting, because we knew he had been on parole. Ray Jr. stopped his Escalade about 7 car lenghts from the limit line, with a green light and GETS OUT of his vehicle. He circles to the back and my brother and I head back to meet him. When he sees my brother coming, he opens his back door (not a good sign in CA) but we advance anyway. He pulls out....... a Yes on 94-97 STICKER to put on his car! ROFL! He's taunting us: "you're out on the street, man!" Guess he was in women's prison. Raymond Jr. YOU ARE A PUSSY. Pechanga, great job as having Raymond Basquez Jr. as your defender.

A third member of the family, Andrew Masiel is currently on the Pechanga Tribal Council and sat in judgement of two families that his mother and aunt voted to strip the citizenship from in 2004 and 2006.   He is a leader in the California Democratic Party.

Interesting that the 1st best choice for the Pechanga Tribe is a man who oversaw the paper genocide of 25% of the tribe.  One who installed his wife's company as their lobbyist, which gets $250,000 per year, and has largely FAILED against terminated members in a water rights dispute.
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