Thursday, June 5, 2014


Please help with this study if you have been disenrolled from a California tribe.  Prof. Hansen will present it at the CA Indian Conference in October.  Let's get the information out there.

CA Disenrollment Study

I’m doing a quantitative study on disenrollment from California tribes to be presented at the California Indian Conference at Cal State San Bernardino in October, and then eventually for publication. Besides the academic endeavor, I think that those of us who oppose this unjust practice need more hard evidence so that we can make a stronger case to decision makers. For now, I’m starting with California, because there seem to be a higher proportion of tribes in this state who violate the civil rights of their member citizens. But once I’ve developed a workable model, I could expand the dataset to all tribes throughout the US. California has the most tribes of any state, the highest population of American Indians, and the most casino tribes. Hence, it’s not an accident that we also have more disenrollment (aka individual terminations) here. However, numbers are hard to come by, and my dataset remains incomplete.

Here’s the money: To complete the study I need data on the percentage disenrolled for each tribe that has engaged in the practice. For that, I need to know the total population of each tribe, minus the number who have been disenfranchised and removed from tribal rolls. The tribes aren’t talking. So, if you are in the know and can send me such information I will be eternally grateful. It would also be helpful to know if your tribe was one of the 41 that was terminated, if they operate under an IRA constitution (or an amended version thereof), and if they are one of the few in California that has an authentic tribal court system.

So, if you’re willing to help with the study, please send me an email ( with the following data (or as much as you know):

Name of tribe/nation

Population (total number of member citizens)

The number of disenrolled member citizens

Tribe terminated? Yes/No

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