Friday, March 7, 2014

What the MEDIA is MISSING in Tribal Disenrollment Stories

MURDER, ELDER ABUSE, THEFT, CORRUPTION, VOTER INTIMIDATION, CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS, are just a FEW of the issues the media gloss over when doing a story on tribal disernollment.    It took a murder at Cedarville to get Indian Affairs Secretary Washburn out of his hole.
What the media fails to expose to expose:

(1) How repeated requests to Senate and Congressional representatives have fallen to deaf ears:

(2) How repeated requests to Senate and Congressional Committees have fallen to deaf ears.  Even our Representatives requests go unanswered by committee chairs.

(3) How many disenrollments have occurred around the country to casino tribes?  How much money does the casinos bring in annually? And how much does government lobbying bring to our politicians?

(4) Congress needs to amend ICRA to put enforcement in civil rights statutes where disenrollment is involved; disenrollment is equivalent to losing citizenship

(5) Various human interest stories of hardship, including loss of housing, land, votes, financial assistance, all while councils are enriching themselves and their lobbyist wife..

We must contact our news media, shows like 60 minutes, 20/20 and get an in-depth profile done. 

Then and only then, maybe the federal government might do something.
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