Friday, September 14, 2012

Pechanga's THEFT of Per Capita and Benefits Stolen From Disenrolled and Moritorium Bound Members Tops $400 MILLION

$400 MILLION!  Remember that the next time Pechanga gives $5,000 to a school. 

 The Apis/Manuela Miranda family was disenrolled two years prior, in 2004, our previous posts mistakenly put their disenrollment in 2005. The per capita was slightly less, about $17,000 per month times 102 months of termination: $1,734,000 times 135 adults equals: $234,090,000

The Hunter family has lost $1,742,000 per person, in per capita payments alone. We arrived at that figure by taking the last full year of per capita $268,000/12 months ($22,333 per month) and multiplying that loss times 78 months of disenrollment. 95 adults at the time of disenrollment equals: $165,487,000

These totals do not include lost education assistance nor does it account for family members that attained the age of majority.

Moratorium People NEVER shared in what was rightfully theirs. The per capita went up to $360,000 per year for those remaining after elimination of tribal citizens. But the moratorium people have certainly had over $2 MILLION dollars cheated from them.

And the tribe will say, “it’s not about the money”. There are 400 MILLION reasons why that's a lie. But here are the consequences of Pechanga's unconstitutional actions:

Pechanga now has a group living on the reservation that have:

• Lost the right to vote
• Lost their rights to healthcare provided by the government.
• Their children can no longer attend tribal schools
• They can no longer be buried in the reservation cemetery with their relatives.
• Have no access to tribal health center
• Are not protected by the Tribal Rangers.


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