Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tosobol Family, Caught In Pechanga's Illegal Moratorium on Membership Has Letter for Council

We have written about the Tosobol Family of Pechanga, who have been caught up in Pechanga's illegal moratorium. We have a letter from the family, that went to the tribal council, led by Mark Macarro, who is also keeping his own family members out of the tribe. This is a shameful story.

To Tribal leaders

On behalf of the Descendants of Petra Tosbol original Temecula Allotted we submit this letter. We number 100 or more people we have a property interest on the reservation lot number 76 47 48 totaling 48 acre
As per Pechanga’s constitution and bylaws open enrollment for citizenship in the tribe occurs from January 1 thru January 31 of each year. While certain descendant of Petra Tosobal has been enrolled our family has been denied membership for 14 years through the illegal enactment of the moratorium on enrollment as a result we have been denied all the right and privileges due tribal citizen.

Pechanga tribal officials have kept us from accessing our land and heritage last year we were restricted from going to our land after being told we would finally be enrolled , The incident occurred when family members went to the reservation on November 4 ;2009 to look at the land and burn sage to pray as we expected to finally reclaim our heritage . We were shocked when Tribal rangers surrounded the family members and detained us for 45 minutes. We provided proof of ownership in the allotment we were visiting we were taken to the tribal ranger station and questioned. Our names; addresses; and phone numbers were written down and we were eventually released.

On a return visit January 2 2010 family members were detained once again on January 20 2010 family members were stopped again but this time to our surprise we were told that we were banished and each one of us were given paper work that said we were banished for 90 days or pending life exclusion to this day we are still not allowed to access our land they tell us that we are not banished but we have to find other ways to access our land because we cannot us their roads if that is not banishment what is .
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