Thursday, January 19, 2012

Less Than Two Weeks Remaining For Open Enrollment to Pechanga Tribe: Get your applications in NOW

Open Enrollment to the Pechanga Tribe, according to their constitution, is in January. Call for Application. If they tell you there is a moratorium, simply ask them how that could be with the constitution saying open enrollment. The Pechanga Tribal Council has ruled that the people can't overrule the constitution on membership issues, therefore, the moratorium would be illegal.

The Pechanga Bylaws and Constitution provide for OPEN ENROLLMENT each January, despite their claims that their is a moratorium. If you believe you belong in the tribe, you should request an application. If the tribe believes in their guiding constitution, you should rightfully be enrolled if you can prove your bloodlines

The address from the Pechanga website for contacting their Tribal Government is:
Pechanga Enrollment Committee
PO BOX 1477
Temecula, CA 92593

fax: (951) 695-1778
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