Thursday, December 29, 2011

Worthless BIA to Stay Out of Chukchansi Election Debacle. DO we Need Jimmy Carter, or Just Get Rid of the BIA's CA Division?

The Fresno Bee reports that the BIA will again stick their head in the sand or another oriface and stay out of the Chukchansi dispute.   Should we eliminate the BIA in CA?

The federal Bureau of Indian Affairs says it will stay out of the fight over leadership of the tribal council for the Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians, despite a request for the agency to intervene.

The agency's Sacramento office received the request Tuesday from the new tribal council to recognize it as the tribe's official government, said Troy Burdick, superintendent of the Central California Agency, BIA.

However, Burdick said, the contested Dec. 3 election is an internal matter, and he does not anticipate the BIA intervening.

Members of the old and new tribal council could not be reached for comment on Wednesday. The new council's attorney also could not be reached for comment.

Tribal members voted earlier this month to replace the current tribal council headed by chairman Reggie Lewis with a new majority opposed to the tribe's disenrollment practices -- in which the tribe removes members based upon bloodlines.

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