Friday, June 3, 2011

Protesters Gather at Pechanga; ASIA Larry Echohawk REFUSES To Meet with Aggrieved Indians

A large group gathered in front of the Pechanga Resort and Casino to protest the growing problem of tribal corruption by tribes across the Inited States. Pechanga was chosen as the protest site because the was a convention of tribal leaders meeting. The pechanga tribe is well known across Indian Country for practicing Apartheid on their reservation.

Individuals from many tribes, including Snoqualmie in Washington state traveled ling distances to attend this protest.

Formal requests were made to ASIA Echohawk to meet and he gave no response Echohawk is charged with the trust responsibility to tribes AND individual Indians. Thousands of individual Indians have had their rights violated. Is turning a blind eye to this part of the Obama administration master plan to reduce the population of American Indians?
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