Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Anatomy of Corruption at Pechanga: Laws & Rules Apply to SOME not All in Disenrollment

What's good for the goose, isn't good for the gander at Pechanga.  The Pechanga Constitution and Bylaws were not applied evenly in two family's who were disenrolled nor were they followed by Mark Macarro and his cohorts.   Follow the logic here:

The baptism of Candelaria, daughter of Juana Apis, in some San Diego records.

On 26 August 1853, a priest named Holbein (sp.?) baptized a number of people at San Luis Rey, including many from Temecula. The fifth person was:

Ma Candelaria, nacida in Temecula, de edad de 10 meses, hija de MaJuana Apis, y fueron madrina Ma I. la Concepcion, india. [The plural fueron was used by this priest, probably out of habit because usually the child had a godmother and godfather. For child number 4, Pablo Apis (would have been Pablito) was the only godparent, but the priest also used the plural fueron in that record.]

Maria Candelaria, born in Temecula, at the age of 10 months, daughter of Maria Juana Apis and the godmother was Maria I. la Concepcion, Indian.

What is interesting is that there is no mention of Anselmo Nesicat or any father. Juana is listed under Anselmo Borrego (assumed to be same as Anselmo Nesicat by many) in the 1852 census on October 13, 1852. Candelaria would have been born about the same time as this census was taken or shortly afterwards.

Finding a baptismal record without mention of a father and in the absence of much other solid evidence makes it difficult to support a claim that a specific person was one’s ancestor.   OP:  In the Paulina Hunter case, there was both a FATHER and MOTHER,  see HERE

In other words, with no mention of a father, how can Candelaria Flores' ancestors lay claim to lineal descent solely through Juana Apis, the daughter of Pablo Apis. The Enrollment Committee, including Frances Miranda, concluded that lineal descent from Pablo Apis did not meet the enrollment requirements.     OP:  Then WHY is Frances Miranda and her relatives STILL IN THE TRIBE?  What makes a PECHANGA INDIAN?
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