Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dry Creek Rancheria Disenrollments: It's Not About the Money?

From my mailbox:

A close friend told me that he ran into a Dry Creek member this weekend in Redding. This tribal member was bragging about how they were going to be getting alot more money once they disenroll over 100 of their tribal members. My friend told the Dry Creek member that he shouldn't be so proud about this and that someday this may come back on him. It sounds like there will be more disenrollments at Dry Creek once the first wave is done.

Dry Creek Rancheria tribal leaders are using the disenrollments to manipulate their tribal elections, using the casino money as a carrot. Shame on Dry Creek's GREEDY tribal members.

We will be having a demonstration in the future at Dry Creek that will focus on these disenrollments. Hopefully, the Dry Creek disenrolled can find an opportune time that will give us enough advanced notice so other disenrolled Indians up and down the state can attend.

Until you stop the disenrollments, these corrupt tribal leaders will continue to manipulate elections, have little or no oversight and will continue to rule regardless what the remaining tribal members want. It is high time the BIA stop funding and recognizing these corrupt tribal governments.


WHEN: Saturday, March 28, 2009 @ 10:30a.m.
WHERE: 190 Foss Creek Circle Healdsburg, California
Tribal Officials of Dry Creek Rancheria have lost their way and are in the process of turning their backs on their Indian brothers and sisters.
Dry Creek Rancheria Tribal Officials, blinded by greed and power, are proposing to strip 73 adults and 70 children of their tribal identity, culture and heritage. These are the rights their ancestors fought so hard to preserve for their future generations.
This is an urgent plea to all Indian and non-Indian people to join us at a rally to focus attention on Dry Creek Rancheria Tribal Officials that are manipulating tribal rolls and elections, oppressing their tribal members and ruthlessly terminating the employment of targeted members and their supporters.
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