Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year II

2009 will be a critical year for many in Indian Country. It's looking like there will be some Congressional Hearings on the violations of civil rights by tribes on their people. Thanks to the involvement of Barney Frank and Rep. Diane Watson and the CBC.

Expect many tribes to have to shell out more money to politicians because some of these tribes who are harming their members will erode tribal sovereignty. Those actions will cause a reduction in their customer base as word gets out on blogs like this one, and other websites.

AIRRO is gaining strength and traction, news of the passing of Bob Foreman Sr and his effect on his tribe, yet he was trashed by the current Redding Rancheria leadership.

Contrast and Compare what Mr. Foreman did for Indians vs. what the Redding Rancheria Tribal Leaders have done since they came into power. Who was the more EFFECTIVE leader? Tracey Edwards, or Mr. Foreman?

Pechanga has spent so much money defending their positions... that it's NO BUSINESS of the WHITE MAN what the tribe does (yet they have a WHITE MAN on their tribal council) San Pascual getting their asses handed to them by the BIA won't help tribal sovereignty. Now, Robinson wants to follow their lead, how embarrassing for them.

Advice: TRY the HOOPA VALLEY route, they've ADDED more to their tribe.
More Advice: Don't follow the Pechanga/Mark Macarro route, they had to spend $50 MILLION more to support their proposition, because WE effectively showed how shallow, callous and without honor the council is.

Best Advice: DO THE RIGHT thing, all tribes to bring the people home where they belong, add MORE people to the tribe, HELP those who deserve, need and should rightfully share in the bounty. Backstabbing may be effective in the short term, but as Pechanga can attest, it's an expensive route. Can you IMAGINE the FREE POSITIVE PUBLICITY that would be generated simply by having the press report that these tribes have reversed their positions and are doing what's best for its people?

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our readers, new and old. PLEASE help us in our struggle by sending our blog out to all your friends.
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